10 Best LiteSpeed Hosting Providers for WordPress

Have you ever wanted to have a fast WordPress website, without doing too many optimizations, or having to hire a professional?

LiteSpeed Web hosting providers can make your website faster out of the box, without requiring you to install any plugins or tweak settings.

The LiteSpeed technology hosting providers use on their servers is considered the best on the market, and such servers are priced cheaper than competitor solutions like Apache.

What is a LiteSpeed Hosting Provider

LiteSpeed hosting providers are those who choose to power their servers with the LiteSpeed stack. Similar to Nginx or Apache.

While many people think it has been re-created from Apache, due to the fact it was designed as a drop-in replacement, this could be proven wrong. LiteSpeed is not based on Apache but has a lot in common with Nginx, which is a close competitor.

The great thing about LSCache and Nginx is that they are both server-side caching solutions, which can save resources.

WP LiteSpeed cache tech stack

However, Nginx can be a headache for newbies, as it requires a professional’s touch to configure, while LS web hosts eliminate these requirements, and add many benefits on top of that.

LiteSpeed web hosting offers a range of benefits for website owners, including faster page load times, improved website performance, and better scalability.

With its advanced caching technology and optimized server configurations, LiteSpeed hosting can help your website handle more traffic and provide a better user experience.

Additionally, LiteSpeed hosting is known for its reliability and security, making it a great choice for businesses and organizations that need to ensure their website is always up and running.

Best LiteSpeed Web Hosting providers for WordPress

Since LSCache is becoming a great solution for new website owners, hosting providers have started to adopt, and include it in their hosting plans.

While there are many hosting providers, which offer LiteSpeed web servers, you would still need to look for an affordable solution, that could fulfill your needs.

The most important factors, except for the LiteSpeed web hosting would be the resources you get with your hosting plan, uptime of the hosting, hosting locations, and much more.

To try and satisfy most of the needs that new website owners have, we have included the top LiteSpeed web hosting providers, which have affordable, and very

1. HostArmada

HostArmada Fast Reliable and Stable Web Hosting

HostArmada is one of the easiest-to-use and fastest LiteSpeed Web hosting providers with great uptime, and almost no issues.

Their hosting plans are not the cheapest in the market, however, you get great features. To get a LiteSpeed web server, the monthly renewal price would be $20,95. The best offer would be to sign-up for a yearly plan, and use their special discount, as you get a year of hosting with some nice features.

Each of the HostArmada website plans offers you free website scans, malware removal, and a large proportion of daily backups.

HostArmada Plans and Pricing with discounts

The HostArmada SpeedReaper plan, which is powered with LiteSpeed will give you 21 daily backups, which is more than enough, even if you are hosting more than one website.

The downfall of HostArmada is that they have only 1 LiteSpeed hosting plan, and it’s a shared cloud hosting.

If you have chosen HostArmada and you are not satisfied with their hosting solutions, they offer an exclusive 45-day money-back guarantee.

2. GreenGeeks

green geeks litespeed web hosting

GreenGeeks is one of the cheapest web hosts, offering a whole set of WordPress plans, with LiteSpeed servers.

As one of the most stable, and oldest hosting providers, they have never failed a client hosting his website with them.

The plans offered by GreenGeeks are WordPress shared hosting, Woocommerce shared hosting, and their special Managed VPS hosting plans.

Each of the plans includes a LiteSpeed web server, and tons of features like more space, and premium support for their clients.

GreenGeeks LiteSpeed Hosting Plans and Pricing

Not to mention that they offer exclusive WP-CLI and SSH access, which almost no host would give to their clients.

The never-ending success behind GreenGeeks is its mission to provide eco-friendly services. Their data centers, electricity, and business is entirely green and aims to help nature.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger Best LiteSpeed Web Hosting Provider

Hostinger is by far the cheapest web hosting, offering shared hosting plans, with stunning features, such as SSH and WP-CLI, along with multisite management.

The best part of all is that Hostinger uses its own dashboard, which lets you easily manage all of your website from a single dashboard, while other hosts use the default panels offered in the market.

For people who wish to enjoy extra fast website speed, a good recommendation would be the Hostinger VPS plans. These are the cheapest VPN plans in the market, however, you will need to manage the VPS on your own.

Even though it’s mentioned that support is available for these plans, the support can only offer an article from the Hostinger blog.

In reality, all Hostinger VPS plans are unmanaged, and will require technical knowledge, but can be powerful in terms of speed, and protection.

For site owners who wish to try VPS hosting, Hostinger is the correct choice, because you can manage all addons, and choose how well your hosting will be protected.

And if you have some extra money, choosing a maintenance company to watch over your hosting, could end up making more profit for your business.

4. ChemiCloud

chemicloud cheapest litespeed hosting provider

ChemiCloud is another new, but great LiteSpeed hosting provider, that new site owners should definitely take a look at.

Their hosting plans include great features, and promise to host your website with the newest technology on the market.

Each hosting plan is packed with a huge amount of resources, and NVMe storage, which can easily process data and speed up the work of your WordPress website.

The higher plan you choose for your website, the more resources you will be receiving. As a personal recommendation, stick with the middle plan, as it gives more than what every starter or small agency would need in terms of speed and resources.

Website owners can choose any of the 10 available data centers, ChemiCloud has to offer.

Currently, they have data centers in Singapore, London, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Dallas, Tokyo, Sydney, Frankfurt, and Mumbai.

In terms of uptime, ChemiCloud has proven to be stable and promising for all site owners. They are scoring 99.98% of uptime, and have won several awards for being great at any cost.

5. NameHero

namehero the best litespeed web hosting provider

NameHero is one of the few web hosting providers, that offers LiteSpeed Cache, and your very own resources for a small price.

All of their plans are packed up with SSD or NVMe storage, giving websites the needed attention so they can grow healthy, and score for the Core Web Vitals.

As for the resources they are giving, they are more than enough because even resource-hungry websites are easily handled with them.

The most affordable solution in terms of hosting your website would be their Turbo Cloud plan, as you get bonus features for the price.

For an extra $7 on your hosting plan, you will be getting enhanced security and a speed boost on your website. While NameCheap offers an SSL certificate with their plans, you don’t actually need it.

Each of the hosting plans comes with a free SSL certificate, so there is nothing to worry about.

NameHero LiteSpeed Hosting Plans and Pricing

The only downsides of NameCheap are the data centers and free domain name options. As you may have seen they can only 2 data centers available, which is not a great option for more site owners.

The other thing is, that if you want to receive a free domain name, NameCheap isn’t the best place for such things.

To get a free domain name, you will need to sign up for a 24 or 36-month plan, which may not be the best option, if you wish to migrate your website later to a more powerful host.

But if you already own a domain name, you can totally sign up with them, because they offer great uptime and premium support for their top-tier hosting plans.

6. ScalaHosting

ScalaHosting litespeed web hosting provider

ScalaHosting is a managed cloud VPS hosting, powering WordPress websites since 2008. They have been one of the fastest scaling hosting providers, which offers more than 32 hosting locations around the globe.

The ScalaHosting plans are one of the most quality ones in terms of pricing, due to offering AWS servers. Through their API, managing websites happens efficiently, and their uptimes are very pleasing for the community. Each of their hosting plans is backed up by powerful NVMe storage, and unlimited backups.

By climbing up the ScalaHosting plans, LiteSpeed cache becomes available, along with a dedicated IP address, advanced cyber security, and pricing very near to a shared hosting plan.

For the price of $20 per month, ScalaHosting is bringing premium features, costing a lot more than competitors, or can be found at the same pricing, but unmanaged. With unmanaged hosting, website owners will need to configure, and upkeep their websites, meaning they will receive no support.

ScalaHosting LiteSpeed Web Server Plans and Pricing

With ScalaHosting premium support is included, and a higher level of support is granted with higher hosting plans.

7. A2Hosting

a2hosting best litespeed web hosting provider

A2Hosting is one of the most popular LiteSpeed web hosting providers, which is very known for its fast shared hosting plans. While being known as the best place to start a website, the pricing for a LiteSpeed server can be quite expensive for starters.

Starting at $20 per month, their Turbo plan is the cheapest option that comes with a LiteSpeed Cache license. However, paying for long-term hosting services can significantly lower the price to $7 per month with a 12-month contract. These contracts are paid upfront and can be refunded within a month.

a2hosting litespeed web hosting plans and pricing

As a bonus for paying a yearly plan, A2Hosting provides its clients with a free TLD domain, which usually costs around $10, but comes free with the plan.

With such a bundle, any starter can bring up a WordPress website to life, and optimize it for speed without any technical knowledge.

A2Hosting’s uptime speed is fairly high, promising 99.8% each year, and can always migrate your website to a new machine if you are on their shared hosting plans.

However, their support is not one of the fastest ones, which means you may need to wait on certain occasions for more than an hour, as they don’t offer live chat systems. Receiving support happens from a ticket system, and may take up to 2 hours to be provided with a resolution regarding your issue.

Expensive premium LiteSpeed web hosts

1. LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb LiteSpeed Web Host Cheap

LiquidWeb is one of the oldest web hosting providers, which nowadays offers LiteSpeed servers through their sub-brand Nexcess.

With the help of Nexcess, any kind of WordPress website can be turned into a blazing-fast one, with no expert knowledge needed. Nexcess offers non-techies fairly priced, managed WordPress plans, in 8 different locations (USA, Europe, Asia).

Depending on the website you are looking to host and its location, LiquidWeb may be a very good choice. For example, the US servers are not with the best uptimes or speed reliability, however, their European data centers can do a perfect job for any website.

Despite the high pricing for a single website, LiquidWeb offers mid-range priced plans allowing up to 5+ or more websites.

Paying for a hosting plan with 2 or more people, and having multiple websites hosted under 1 account can decrease the monthly expenses, and not decrease the speed of the websites.

2. Pantheon

Pantheon IO expensive LiteSpeed Web Host

Pantheon is a managed web hosting provider, offering LiteSpeed web servers, backed up by dedicated teams of professionals. It is one of the few hosts with top-notch hardware and a straight competitor to the most popular hosting providers.

One of the things distinguishing Pantheon from others is its hosting model. They do not offer dedicated servers, but something else called containers. Your traditional hosting provider will offer Shared or VPS hosting.

However, Pantheon offers its own hosting model, where websites are hosted together but have their own spaces. Rather than using a VM for each website, Pantheon has chosen to create a special partition with space for each website, making websites faster than ever.

For beginners, Pantheon can be quite expensive, as their cheapest plan starts at $41, but with their HTML5 hosting panel, launching and running sites is easier than learning cPanel.

Another good thing about Pantheon’s web hosting services is their support. While most providers take at least 30 minutes to provide an answer, Pantheon’s support staff aims to respond in under 2 minutes.

3. InterServer

InterServer The Best LiteSpeed web host

InterServer is another old, and reputable Web Hosting provider, having a large share of websites hosted on their platform. They have created a great solution for all budgets by offering fairly priced shared, private, and dedicated hosting services.

The support offered is also great, even though it can happen through an email system. For sales questions, a LiveChat option appears, but receiving help on your website will require a ticket to be submitted. The answer times are between 5 and 30 minutes (depending on ticket volume).

However, the InterServer VPS plans can be costly for starters, because LiteSpeed Cache licenses will need to be purchased, and configured by the clients themselves.

InterServer provides a full guide on how the license can be applied, but no support is offered for the installation process.


By signing up for a LiteSpeed Hosting provider, websites are entitled to a speed boost and faster performance. LiteSpeed technology is an innovative caching plugin, that handles more processes.

Its keep-alive function can tremendously upkeep your website at traffic peaks, making LSCache better than WPRocket or W3TC.