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What is a Google Penalty?

An algorithm or manual penalty occurs when a website fails to fulfill the criteria set by a search engine's algorithm. This can happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from poor website design to violation of the search engine's terms of service. Algorithm penalties have significant impacts on a website's visibility in the SERPS.

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Why is my website penalized?

Nowadays search engines are stuck with indexing more than a million websites, which publish around 3 new pages per day. Since Google wants to ensure a clean place for its searchers, new algorithm updates occur more frequently.

If you website gets hit by a Google algorithm, there is nothing to worry about at first. Traffic will always restore, after the algorithm update fully rolls out, but if your website has not recovered any proportion of its traffic there may be something wrong.

Below we have listed some of the most common issues found on analyzed websites.

Black hat techniques

Your website may have applied black hat techniques, or competitors have targeted you to take your rankings off.

Duplicate content

Copied content from other websites, or syndicated content, which repeats the same information, bringing no value.

Link schemes

Link schemes, such as purchasing PBNs, selling links, or exchanging backlinks with other websites to gain authority.

Poor SEO

Poor SEO strategies, which can harm your website, rather than gain results, such as keyword stuffing, or fluff in content.

How Penalty Removal Services can benefit your business?

Improve backlink profile

Researches show that 70% of penalized websites fall due to backlinks from bad neighborhoods. Despite what SEO gurus and marketers say, PBN links, exchanges, and other illegal ways of obtaining links may get you penalized.

We can easily remove toxic backlinks, and decide which link has potential to grow your website, or harm it.

Fix technical issues

Well-maintained, and properly functioning websites, get twice more recognition from search engines, and get indexed more frequently. With that in mind, reputation and trust can improve the visibility, and searchability of your site.

With our technical SEO analysis, we view all important KPIs that make your website function technically, and not lose a single algorithm update or fall in the SERPS.

Improve bad pages

After the announcement of the Helpful Content update, Google has dropped millions of pages from their searches, marking content unhelpful for users. Such algorithm updates can end the career of a business in a snap.

To prevent getting hit from algorithm updates, and reduce spam, we improve bad content, making it user friendly.

Increased search engines trust

Search Engines love to index websites day and night, however their budget is limited, and site owners need to choose what content should be prioritized, and the rest to be excluded for indexing.

To make best of both worlds, our team structures your website in a more proper manner by excluding unnecessary pages, helping search engines to crawl more frequently.

Benefits from Penalty Removal Services

Improve SEO results

Getting hit from a Google algorithm can be tough for a business, because no one can tell how much time it will take to fully recover. Business owners intend to spend thousands of dollars to recover from big traffic losses, but the strategy used was never correct.

To prevent seamless money throwing, we conduct thorough researches on websites, and their niches, with the intent to provide sure strategies, to recover, and even boost their traffic.

Prevent future algorithm hits

After conducting multiple researches, our team saw that around 46% of websites, who were previously hit by an algorithm update, get hit when new updates come up. While the issues of these hits may be unknown to some people, applying a proper strategy may seem as a lost cause.

After analyzing a client's website, and finding the root causing drops in rankings, we create a special report, that even beginners can implement to protect their business from future algorithm hits.

Actionable checklists

Every website can receive a manual cleanup, and get its traffic drops recovered in a few months. However, the magic doesn't end there, as site owners are wondering, what step should they make next. While some are afraid to update their content after recovery, we strategize, and apply.

To help business owners further, we provide them with actionable SEO checklists, which include powerful strategies to help websites expand further, and increase their keyword rankings, with no risks involved.

Monitor keyword rankings

Once a penalty has been lifted up from your website, gaining Google's trust will be harder than getting a new domain. However, with consistency and positive signals, your website will once again start to rank for keywords. 

While your website enters the recovery faze, we create specialized keyword lists, and monitor their behavior over a set amount of time, to ensure your website is ranking once again.

Hire us for recovering your website from Google Penalties!

When running a business it is important to understand and remember that competition will always try to take you down from the top spot. Aside from competitors, search engines continuously change their terms of service to ensure a pleasant experience for their users.

With a professional team like ours in hand, your website can be quickly recovered from any algorithm update, like panda, hummingbird, and others, which became deprecated to evolve into a more powerful system, ensuring safety.

Working with us can ensure your website's spots, and help you understand every new Google update, which is about to come out, as we rely on research and analysis, not just some rumors.

Until now we have recovered a fair amount of websites, and can proudly say that after the recovery phase, we have seen at least 14% up in traffic, without applying more touches to content.

Google Penalty Recovery FAQs

Until now Google has only 2 penalty types, which are algorithm and manual penalties.

Once a new algorithm gets rolled out for the first time by Google, some websites receive a penalty from it. To find out if you were really penalized by the algorithm, it would take at least 2 weeks, until the algorithm has fully rolled out, and at least a month more to review the damages properly.

Manual updates on the other hand are very easy to understand, as they will always be announced in the Google Search Console for websites, that have been added there. Manual updates can happen after your website has been flagged multiple times, and reviewed by a human editor working directly for Google.

If you have received a manual penalty, recovering happens quite easy. Google always sends the information of your website's bad sectors, and gives you a chance to remediate this mistake by fixing it, and reapplying for a check.

However, algorithm penalties do not have an exact way to get fixed. You have to make a thorough research on your website's content, domain name, and review each sector. Once you have located potential bad sectors of your website, you can start deleting this content, and giving Google time to recrawl your website.

Getting penalized by Google means that you had done something disappointing in their eyes, which could lead to bad user experience. To make the web a safer place, the penalized website loses at least 30% of its traffic, and could continue to tremendously fall, until it has been fully deindex (applies to spam websites).

Depending on the situation and reason to penalize a website, site owners can expect traffic drops anywhere from 30%-100%. In very rare cases a website gets fully deindexed and unusable.

After you website has started recovering from traffic losses, it is very important to review the pages of a website. This way, we can finalize the strategy, and start building authoritative pages, which could potentially redeem Google's trust, leading to better keyword positions, and new opportunities.

Once you talk with one of our professionals, and agree on the estimate given, we will create a special digital contract, that will keep both your and our businesses safe from harm. If you wish to work with another SEO company, you can do so, but the overall results will get mixed, and you will not be able to tell, which strategy worked better for your business.

Even if you start working with another agency, will continue supporting you (until the end of our contract), and help you to understand the results from the strategies applied. If you have reports from other agencies, and require help distinguishing the end results, we would be more than happy to provide you with all the needed information.