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What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing is a process, which involves thorough research, and strategic placement of keywords, for higher rankings, and better understanding.

It involves competitor analysis, and gap filling, to create a helpful article for searchers.

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Why is SEO content writing important for your business

Without well researched, and strategically written content, websites can never dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The only way to make visitors view your content would be through advertisements, but once the money is over, content disappears forever.

However, well written and user friendly content lasts without the need for ads.

Improved Rankings

With a few SEO posts on your website, you can easily improve your website's rankings for thousands of keywords.

Increase Visitor Rates

SEO content writing helps you to obtain massive user flows, with a small investment amounts.

Drive Conversions

Having user friendly content, can help visitors make fast decisions, and convert more frequently.

Higher ROI

With the right content businesses see an increase in ROI by 173% from their total amount spent on content writing services.

How Content Writing Services Help Your Business Grow?

Well researched topics

While most business owners go for competitive topics, hoping they can score high rankings, they often see results going in the opposite direction.

There are many reasons for such an abomination, which we cover before starting to write an article.

Silo structured content

Often times websites post different topic related content pieces, however, their efforts never show good results, only downtrends.

We always start by creating a topic cluster for the posts, explaining how they can satisfy a searcher's intent.

Scheduled content

By publishing articles immediately, results will not be very good. Instantly publishing can also ruin a good social media strategy, which is a money waste.

That's why we research the target audience, and target country, publishing posts when most users are active.

Opportunity for link building

Publishing low quality content, which is not researched or made up with AI is something trendy, that never results in good user experience or gets rewarded with links.

But with our well written content, getting links from authority websites will improve your results, and rank you higher.

Benefits from SEO Content Writing Services

Website Audit

Scoring the top in the SERPs requires expertise, and knowledge in the field of SEO, along with having a handful of tricks. With our audits, we will ensure that you will have a high quality content piece, matching your style, and filling the gaps left by competitors.

After our content has been published on your website, we will continuously analyze competitor movements, and be ready for production.

Unlimited reviews

While most content writing agents will deliver content, and turn you down afterwards, we like to hear from our clients. If the article does not meet their criteria, or simply wish to receive edits, we gladly try to bring satisfactory results, and finalize orders.

By providing with quality articles we rarely see someone asking for edits, however, if you feel like an edit is needed, we will gladly do it for you.

Optimize & Re-publish

Over time content gets outdated, becoming less relevant in the searchers eyes, which means that your content will need research, and rewriting. After all search engines love well-maintained websites, which try to stay fresh, rewarding them with higher rankings, and more trust.

That's why we keep a track of your content, and give our best to deliver fresh information, deeming your website as reputable for search engines.

Keyword Rankings

After publishing our content, your website will start getting traction over time, resulting in hundreds if not thousands of high-ranking keywords. However, competitors will always try to outsource you, by creating newer content, with intent of outranking, and climbing positions.

To prevent you from wasting time and precious resources, we always track your website's main keywords, and notify about any changes in the SERPs.

Hire us for powerful SEO content writing and higher ranking

Writing content seems like a piece of cake, until you start ranking a few keywords. Once your keywords reach to the top, competitors will try to sink your chances, by paying for professional content writers.

Without a SEO content writer, and strategic movement, any business would fail, before seeing success, even if looks like an easy opportunity.

With a transparent working style and proven experience, our team will ensure the visibility of your business and concrete your results on the top of the first page.

Until now we have dominated the SERPS for thousands of keywords, without worrying about the type of business our clients are running, or the difficulty of desired keywords in your content. With the right SEO strategy, every keyword can be ranked in a matter of time.

SEO Business FAQs

Our estimates are always different and depend on many factors, such as website age, number of keywords, targeted locations, competition in the field, and others. The easiest way to create an estimate would be after analyzing your website, competition, and creating your very own check-list for ranking.

Depending on your budget, and requirements, we create our estimates, and discuss cost of a plan or one-time service.

Yes, our content is purely SEO-friendly, and written by a human, not by AI. Each content is well researched, and checked twice before being delivered.

We can write any type of content, based on your website's niche, and needs. In some cases, we may also provide you with advise (if applicable), on what content could rank better.

There is no guarantee of time taken to achieve desired rankings through our SEO content writing services.

Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm and hence achieving results is a challenge, especially if your niche includes competitive search terms. 

However, we have seen them achieve rankings for long tail keywords within 3 months and for competitive keywords – within 6 months.

At the time of writing the content, we own all rights, and release these rights once this content land on your website. The article delivered on your website will be 100% plagiarism free, meaning it's unique for search engines, and users.

Depending on the words and complexity of the content delivery times may vary. 

If you wish to create a small content piece, which is less than 10,000 words, we can deliver it in less than 5 business days.

Content which is more than 15,0000 words could take more time due to investigation, and research involved in the process.

To answer this question properly, it would be best to contact us, and get all questions answered in a short amount of time.