WordPress Maintenance Services

WordPress maintenance services made to fit every business.

What is WordPress maintenance?

WordPress maintenance is a process where professionals take care of a website, securing it from brute force attacks, injections of malicious software, and ensure a safe place, where visitors can browse freely. With simple words, WordPress maintenance consists of updating theme, plugin files, along with core-files, and securing a website from potential threats.

Acquire WordPress Maintenance Services

Why do you need a WordPress maintenance service?

Depending on your website's theme, and plugins chosen, multiple new updates are being released each month, ensuring the quality, and performance. However, new plugin updates are yet to be tested in terms of compatibility with. 

In order to make sure your website will remain secure, and unharmed from updates, a variety of tests are being made, ensuring that you will get the best from each plugin.

Quality Testing

Before applying any updates on your website, we test compatibility on a staging server, and then update the live site.

Scheduled Updates

Create a special schedule for your website's regular updates, when visitor flows are slower.

Protects your website

Prepare all updates, and installations needed, preventing hackers to find a backdoor on your website.

Account management

While working on the most important parts for your business, we take care of your website's tasks, and issues.

How WordPress Maintenance Services Help Your Business Grow?

Timed updates

Keeping your website up-to-date is one of the most important things to consider, when start a digital business. However, things get complicated, once all the changelogs come out, making updates, a bit more risky.

To make things easier, we read through all changes, and perform various tests, before even thinking to update your live website. After all quality checks have been made, we schedule a low traffic time, and update your website.

Better crawling rates

Well-maintained, and properly functioning websites, get twice more recognition from search engines, and get indexed more frequently. With that in mind, reputation and trust can improve the visibility, and searchability of your site.

Scheduling the updates for your website outside of crawling, and visitor times, can rapidly improve the overall experience, granting you better positions.

Restore previous versions

Websites may break after a few changes, even plugin updates. Sometimes it may be even impossible to restore a database, or the content in just a few minutes, as some processes are trickier than you think.

To minimize losses, and prevent wasting money, we create site backups more frequently than your host. We make at least 3 copies per day, and keep them for a month or more.

Optimized Speed

Once you start updating your plugins, and themes, or trigger CRON jobs, the server will get busy until the work has been finished. Once these updates and CRON jobs have started, they cannot be stopped, and will slow your website.

With our scheduled timings, we can always make the perfect schedule or manually trigger CRON jobs, at the best times, when there are no visitors. It's just like cleaning a store when it's empty, and handling clients when it's busy.

Secure website

When websites start getting their maintenance schedules, hackers often try to track them down, and seek for a backdoor. Such opportunities may lead your website into getting a serious hack, such as the Chinese keyword hack.

Our specialists always start with securing your website, so any malicious attempt will be directly blocked, leaving no opportunities to be hacked.

Quality track

Updating plugins and securing your website is one thing, but reporting about the quality of work is another. Website owners don't simply trust the process of updating, and cannot be sure what has been done exactly.

To ensure that your investments are for the better future of your website, we construct in-depth reports on each change, and give you newer opportunities to grow your business.

Benefits from WordPress maintenance Services

Regular Audits

Updates can be hard to understand sometimes, which may slow the flow of work conducted from your team. Tracking the results from protections, updates, and other maintenance services is crucial to ensure a transparent partnership, and quality of services.

To ensure the quality of our services, we provide reports on each change, and how it was affecting your website's speed, security, search engines crawling, and visitor flows.

Performance Reporting

Most site owners download plugins to fill their users with more features, and flashy effects. While this may sound as a good strategy, websites usually suffer from such things. Each plugin is coded differently, and can have a large impact on performance.

By carefully inspecting your website, and what plugins or elements it includes, we conduct in-depth reports, helping you to replace, such plugins with better coded, and more optimized ones.

Daily backups

Going digital can have it's pros, however, it comes with potential risks, such as causing a website to break, losing information, or getting malicious code injected in the core files. Such risks can destroy a whole website if not treated in time.

While most competitors and website hosts offer a single backup, we offer 3 backups, and can easily up the number of backups, for the sake of keeping your website safe. 

24/7 Support

No matter what is the quality of a website, sometimes issues come. They are an inevitable part of being digital, but how much time would it take to get those issues fixed? While your issue may be critical for you, others may not react the same way, but make you wait.

For our team ensuring a website's safety, and keeping it clean from issues is a priority. No matter if you require a regular check up, or have an emergency case, we will prioritize it, and get it fixed fast.

Malware Removal

When a website becomes visible to the search engines, and starts ranking, site owners begin to understand how unsafe the web becomes. Hundreds of hackers will try to infect a ranking website with malware, for the sake of redirecting your content to competitors, and ranking them higher.

With our team this will never happen. It is very easy for us to understand when there is a change in a website, and clean it before search engines have even thought about indexing the infected pages.

Website uptime & monitoring

Once the maintenance has been completed, it is recommended to track the uptime, and monitor the website behavior. After all unexpected changes, or issues might occur, which require immediate action on removing those issues.

We always track the websites, and monitor for errors, which include caching issues, too many CRON jobs running at the same time, and issues such as tracking visitor behavior, as they tend to stop from time to time.

Hire us for powerful WordPress maintenance services

Running a business seems like a piece of cake, until you get discovered by search engines. Once you you start ranking high, competitors will try to sink your plans by spamming your website, and eventually take your business down.

Without proper protection even a child would be able to take down a website, even though the wp-admin page has been hidden.

But with our expertise and knowledge in the field of WordPress maintenance, we can assure that your website will be held secure from outsiders.

Until now we have proven that with proper maintenance for WordPress websites, owners can easily do what they like, leaving the dirty work to us.

WordPress Website Maintenance FAQs

Our WordPress maintenance plans are per website. However, you can always contact us, and get more websites maintained on monthly basis. Depending on the websites number, we provide discounts.

Our maintenance services do not provide fixing hacked or infected with malware websites, but we can always help you to clean it for a small price.

While it doesn't matter where you host your website(s), we can always give you recommendations, and find a better web host for you.

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There is no guarantee of time taken to achieve desired rankings through local SEO. Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm and hence achieving results is a challenge, especially if your category includes competitive local search terms, which have a high search volume. However, in our experience, while working with brands, we have seen them achieve rankings for long tail keywords within 3 months and for competitive keywords – within 6 months.

We take care of the updates on your website by ensuring that your theme, and plugins will be compatible, eliminating chances of your website breaking, or causing a bad user experience.

All of our backups are local, so we can store them in a safe place. If you ever need a backup, we can safely place it on your website, preventing data loss or issues.