WordPress Speed Optimization

Optimize your WordPress website's speed to unknown extents.

What is WordPress speed optimization?

WordPress speed optimization is a process, which aims to improve a website's speed by decreasing script and image size, making pages lightweight

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Why is website speed important for your Business?

Since the release of the Core Web Vitals algorithm update, site speed has become a very important aspect of the overall ranking in the SERPS.

A small delay in your website's speed, and you might be missing thousands of potential buyers, which your competitors would gladly take.

Websites nowadays are mobile oriented, and require a good understanding on so you can optimize their speed, and give visitors a great experience.

Improve Searchability

Improving the speed of your website will rank you for CWV, which will increase your potential appearing in more searches.

Increase Visitor Rates

With blazing fast pages, visitors would prefer to visit your website instead of slow pages from competitors.

Improve Conversions

It's no secret that visitors prefer fast websites, under 3 seconds, to make a purchase without a second thought.

Produce Higher ROI

With a speed optimization businesses see an increase in ROI by 214% from their total amount spent in our services.

How Speed Optimization Helps Your Business Grow?

More visitors

The thing that divides websites, and proves one is better from the other is speed itself. Since Google started mobile first indexing, this proves the importance of your website's speed when loaded from a mobile device.

Search engines love fast websites. If they find yours as one, they will reward you with more ranking keywords, and potential to reach your target audience(s).

Technical issues fixed

When starting a WordPress website, themes, plugins, and external scripts can mess up the total loading time. If a website does not have the correct priority for stylesheets, scripts, etc, it will prevent reaching optimal performance.

While it may seem impossible to prioritize all content on your website, we always prove this wrong. Each script or less important file can be delayed, to improve your speed.

More page views

The faster a website loads, the more people would be attracted to view a few more pages for shopping, or ordering a service. Visitors prefer not to waste time, since time is limited, and prefer to view as much as possible.

To make visitors open one more page, our optimization techniques make everything possible, so your website's pages can be opened and loaded within an eye-blink.

Forget overpaying hosts

One of the main reasons for your website being slow is a cheap hosting server. However, that may not be always the case, because even a cheap hosting plan can do a great job, if the website optimizations have been done properly.

Choosing a host by its important features, such as hardware, and not only quantity of hosted websites, or premium offerings can boost your website, and cost you less.

Benefits from Local SEO Business Services

Faster page loading

Websites often get filled up with a large proportion of plugins, adding tons of features for visitors, which should improve your results. However, these plugins always spread their scripts around all of your pages, including the ones that do not use these plugins.

When optimizing websites, we always check the priority of your files, and how they are being loaded. Creating a prioritized list for your website, can tremendously boost your speed, and improve scores.

Clean Website

When starting a WordPress website, downloading the most appealing theme and popular plugins, always sounds like a good idea. While time passes, changes will always appear, but your website's old plugin or theme information remains on your database, making your website slower.

WordPress websites often get their databases stuck with old plugin and theme information. Not to mention some scripts may remain active in your dashboard. We clean all irrelevant data, which was left after updates.

Improved crawl rates

Crawlability is one of the biggest issues nowadays, due to low supply, but high demand. Search engines have started prioritizing the websites they should crawl, and set higher frequencies for easy to crawl, and understand websites, while leaving slower ones behind.

With a faster and properly structured website, search engines have a better time crawling more content, and granting you with more trust. We ensure that each website loads fast and nice, for better UX.

Better ranking

Since Core Web Vitals became a direct ranking factor, many popular websites have dropped rankings, and have yet to search for pain points to recover their lost traffic. This leaves an open door for newer websites to gain Google's trust, and receive ranking opportunities.

Optimizing your website, ensures that search engines reward your site, by choosing your site to appear for searches. After our WordPress speed optimization services, clients always see a boost after optimizations.

Hire us for powerful Local SEO strategies and winning tactics

Running a business may seem like an easy task, however, ranking keywords and converting clients requires a speed optimized website. By simply disregarding this factor, competitors may sink your plans, and run a more effective business.

Without a .

With a transparent working style and proven experience, our team will ensure the visibility of your business and concrete your results on the top of the first page for any local search term out there.

Until now we have dominated the SERPS for thousands of local area keywords, without worrying about the type of business our clients are running, or the difficulty of ranking a certain keyword. With the right SEO strategy, every keyword can be ranked in a matter of time.

SEO Business FAQs

Our estimates are always different and depend on many factors, such as website age, number of keywords, targeted locations, competition in the field, and others. The easiest way to create an estimate would be after analyzing your website, competition, and creating your very own check-list for ranking.

Depending on your budget, and requirements, we create our estimates, and discuss cost of a plan or one-time service.

Local SEO for businesses is the most cost-effective and strategic way to dominate the search results, and get recognized by customers in your target areas. Through various tactics, and powerful strategies, your business will receive a boost in the SERPS, which will increase your sales, and revenue from local customers.

Depending on your business and overall difficulty, we will be able to create a plan for establishing your business, and attracting more visitors. However, Google and other search engines receive frequent algorithm updates, which may drop rankings, and affect your business in a negative way. 

Nonetheless, we apply only SEO friendly techniques so there is nothing to worry about. Spikes in traffic and keyword drops are normal occurrences, and we threat them with top priority.

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There is no guarantee of time taken to achieve desired rankings through local SEO. Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm and hence achieving results is a challenge, especially if your category includes competitive local search terms, which have a high search volume. However, in our experience, while working with brands, we have seen them achieve rankings for long tail keywords within 3 months and for competitive keywords – within 6 months.

Once you talk with a  one of our SEO professionals, and agree on the estimate given, we will create digital contracts, that will keep both your and our businesses bound. If you wish to work with another SEO company, you can do so, but the overall results will get mixed, and you will not be able to tell, which SEO strategy worked best for your business.

Even if you start working with another agency, we will provide help with reading reports, and explain to your  the end result from this strategy. If you receive reports from other agencies, and wish receive help with reading them, and analyzing their effectiveness, we can do so for you.

Organic and local SEO are very similar, but used for 2 separate things. Organic SEO is used for websites that are international, and do not target local areas. Local SEO is for businesses that would like to offer services and goods locally to their target audiences. Aside from these 2 things, Organic SEO and Local SEO grant results, keyword rankings, and receive positive/negative signals, depending on the strategies. Depending on the business there are cases, when both Organic and Local SEO could prove beneficial, but both of them have their pros and cons when using both on the same website.