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SERPJar is the #1 most affordable SEO agency that delivers promising results to clients. Get a free SEO audit and explore our SEO services.


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SERPJar is an affordable SEO company on Google Business Profile with multiple positive reviews. As stated on Google, we operate in more than 25 different areas and are expanding further.

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With multiple positive reviews, SERPJar can be found on Trustpilot to help clients find our services faster. Aside from working with clients in Georgia, we also take global clients and onboard them.

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SERPJar is an award-winning business on Clutch, with many reviews for helping clients with our CRO, SEO, Local SEO, and Ad management services.

Our Services

Do you want a powerful strategy that will boost your business revenue? SERPJar offers a wide range of affordable SEO services that convert leads. 

SEO Services

Without getting traffic from search engines like Google and Bing, you are missing out on leads, and revenue. Our affordable SEO services can help you boost your digital presence in the search engine results pages, so more people can find you.

Local SEO Optimization

Local outlets and businesses require special treatment, which is presented in the form of local SEO. It helps business owners to generate local foot traffic, and receive customers at their physical locations, or getting sales from they local customers.

Site Speed Optimization

Visitors don't like websites that load slower than 3 seconds. If yours is one of them, you are missing out on sales. With our professional technical SEO team, we can easily optimize your website's speed, and boost your revenue.

WordPress Maintenance

Don't let your WordPress website fall in the hands of hackers by leaving loopholes, or backdoors. Let our professionals protect and manage your websites with our WordPress maintenance services, designed for small and medium business owners.

Working with your favorite technology

Get a professional website audit

If you have a starter business, you may want to know what kind of issues your website has. Our free website audit can help you understand more about your website, and see why you should trust our professionals. After this SEO report, each and every other will look more professional and tailored to your needs.

SERPJar - Free SEO Report

What makes our SEO agency different?

We are one of the top most affordable SEO agencies, which works with clients from all around the world. We have handled a wide variety of projects including the newest technology such as AI (artificial intelligence), so you don’t need to worry, about your project being different than the rest.


We work with clients from all around the world, and are willing to show you what real experts and real results look like.


Having a local business is an opportunity for us, as we are always open to help you generate local leads and foot traffic.


Our results are seen between 3 to 6 months, and make our clients happier than ever. Even newer businesses thrive faster.


You don't need to worry about communications, as you will be the center of every conversation when it comes to your business.


We always meet the expected deadlines, as it gives us more time to find more opportunities for your business.

Small Businesses

We are happy to work with small business owners, who seek cheaper SEO services. That's why we make our strategies affordable to anyone.

Our Process of Handling your Website

1. Research

We take your website for an audit, and compare with other projects, who have successful SEO campaigns. In this phase, we try to acquire most data, that will be used in the development phase of our campaign process.

2. Development

After we have acquired enough information about your business, and closest competitors, we start creating actionable plans for the month, or an entire season, that will drive results throughout our partnership term.

3. Update

We start applying our strategy and update your website consistently to drive more organic traffic. Our approach is to provide user-friendly content, which is not primarily for search engines. 

4. Monitor

We start monitoring the keyword changes in positions and create reports based on the keyword movement. Small businesses usually see a 316% increase in keywords gained over a 3 month period of working with us.

5. Improve

While our results can drastically increase the traffic on your website, some pages fail to meet the requirements. These pages are often deleted, rewritten, and uploaded with a different approach, loved by users.

6. Update

While our partnership lasts, we will update you on the monthly positive results. Once every quarter we see positive results, which distinguishes us from competitors, who take 6 months to show barely positive effect.

What people say

Excellent SEO services. Has helped me get my site to page 1 on Google for several key services. Couldn't have asked for better results.
CEO of HiveSourced
A true SEO expert (to say the least). He exceeded my expectations with his unique approach and hard work. Would to love to work with him again.
Social Media Manager
Outstanding SEO Services were provided. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. Highly recommended and would seek their services again.
Video Creator/Entertainer

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for quotes on SEO services, submit your website, and needs, so we can give you a proper pricing. Our SEO services start at $399, and our Local SEO services start at $299.

SEO ROI is based on many factors, such as monetization method, conversion rate, users, and much more. Depending on your business type, and target country your ROI can be calculated after working at least 3 to 6 months with us. Some business owners who trusted our services, have seen an ROI of 486% in the first 3 months (results are not guaranteed).

SEO is the foundation of digital marketing services, which helps converting users into leads, and paying customers. With SEO, you can rank your business for multiple keywords. Another great aspect of SEO is that you can rest assured that your rankings will not disappear after you stop paying, unlike with PPC ads.

Since multiple websites are trying to rank for the same search terms in states like Georgia or towns inside it, ranking #1 is not guaranteed. While we cannot promise you concrete top 1 ranking for each keyword, we work hard to get you in the top of the SERP.

Your website or pages may not beranking on Google or Bing, because they haven’t been indexed yet. Another issue for that could be a penalty. In any case, you can contact us and get your website reviewed for free.

Getting a manual or algorithm penalty from search engines is something that happens to spammy or low quality websites. If your website is one of those cases and got hit by Google, Bing, or another search engine, contact us, and we will help you restore your lost traffic.