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SERPJar is a registered SEO company on Google Business Profile with multiple positive reviews. As stated on Google, we operate in more than 25 different areas inside Georgia and are expanding further.

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With multiple positive reviews, SERPJar is now active on TrustPilot to help clients find our services faster. Aside from working with clients in Georgia, we also take global clients and onboard the.

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SERPJar is an award-winning business based on our Clutch reviews and positive user experience towards our CRO, SEO, Local SEO, and Ad management services.

What is SEO and its services?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is applying best practices on websites, for better user and bot interaction. It’s a process, that helps search engines understand content, and place it on the top of the search engine pages. SEO has 3 different sections, and are referred to as on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. Their names are self-explanatory and are offered by SEO companies like ours, to improve your website, and gain results. 

By taking us as your SEO provider, we can provide your business with experts, towards creating your SEO strategy. We take our research thoroughly and apply only white-hat SEO, which does not contain spam or harm your website in any way.

What is SEO and What are SEO Services
Grow Your Website With Search Engine Optimization

Growing with SEO

More than 4 billion searches are made everyday on Google. SEO is a great way to catch from these searches, and expand your business digitally. With SERPJar, you get a team of experts, who will work towards ranking your website on Search Engines like Google, Bing, and others.

No matter if your goal is getting traffic, or converting it into leads, our affordable SEO services can match your expectations.

Affordable SEO Packages


For small businesses and start-ups.
$ 199
Billed every month
  • Starter website strategy
  • Slower but steadier growth
  • Starter site care and updates
Starts at


For established sites
$ 399
Billed every month
  • Advanced website strategies
  • Faster rankings with link building
  • Advanced site care and updates
Starts at


For more advanced strategies
$ 799
Billed every month
  • Everything from Standard
  • Premium website strategies
  • Premium link building
Starts at

What do our SEO services include?

Keyword Research

Before starting any SEO strategy, keyword research comes at an upmost importance. Our SEO specialists will review your websites condition, and currently ranking keywords, then conduct an additional research to find more opportunities.

on-page SEO

Provide your website with SEO best practices for ensuring your website will be loved by users and search engines. Our SEO experts combine unique content drafting, along with title, description, image title, tags optimization to make your website stand out from the rest.

Off-Page SEO

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors when it comes to placing websites on the top spots. We ensure your website receives healthy and relevant to your business links, which will improve your rankings. Along with that, we remove any spammy or hurtful to your business links.

Local SEO

Local SEO is mainly beneficial for area-based outlets or service providers. Statistics show that 60% of the searches are done locally, and 80% of those searches result in purchases. With the correct strategies, and optimizations on your Google Business Profile, your local business can grow its local presence.


An essential service, that helps website owners to conclude their business, without worrying how their website runs. We take care of the process of securing, and keeping websites alive, taking all the hard work from your hands.


Increase the likelihood of customers converting on your website, whether it is for a service, product, or simple sign up for a newsletter. Our SEO company integrates professional aspects to maximize your conversion opportunities with various strategies.

How our SEO Services Work

Here’s the super simple process our SEO company uses when working on your project.

1. Analyze your business

We analyze the current state of your business website by using our professional SEO report, consisting of 260+ points. In this report we also compare your website to your competitors, for better understanding of pain points and current state.

2. Conduct a strategy

Based on our reports, we conduct a thorough strategy on what keywords and content your website should have, in order to start ranking for more search terms, and bring traffic. Depending on the difficulty, we measure content and search for easier to rank solutions.

3. Implement and grow

Once the reporting and SEO strategy steps have been completed, we start the implementation process and monitor your website for changes. This includes tracking current keyword rankings, newly ranked keywords, backlinks monitoring, and traffic cycles.

4. Align

We start refining our strategy with your website, to properly analyze what growth process will be required for your business.

2. Report

Track and analyze keyword movement for both growing and falling keywords, to optimize properly the bad sectors.

3. Success

Once our SEO campaign has finished, you will start seeing positive changes on your website. Changes often bring a whopping 416% growth

Benefits of our affordable SEO solutions

Generate more sales and leads

SEO helps users to find and interact with users, who may become potential customers or leads. Positioning yourself at the top of the search results enables your website to earn more conversions.

Improve your online visibility

The purpose of each website is to earn money, but that would be impossible if it cannot be seen by users. SEO services can help you connect with your target audience, and get you more sales or contacts.

outrank your competitors

Reaching top positions on Google, Bing, and other search engines can be profitable. However, thousands of other businesses aim for the same position. Our mission is to claim top spots, and protect your brand from being outranked.

earn backlinks on autopilot

Earning backlinks can be hard, especially, when you need to manually outreach to hundreds of websites, and the results are little to none. Our company can help you earn backlinks without having to overpay or send another email in your life.

Get Your Website Managed By Us

Managing a WordPress website takes a long time, even when having to update a plugin. Plugins often break, or get hacked, making your website vulnerable to attacks. We take the duty to keep your website optimal and clean from spam.

Protect your digital business

Often times websites get exposed and hacked by using various tools. These websites receive hundreds of hurtful spam links, which can destroy your business. Our SEO company can manage and protect your site from spam.

Get a free website seo audit

Get a free website audit

and 147x Your Website's Organic Traffic

Measure your website’s health with our free SEO audit reports. Most websites who ask for a free audit have been reported to gain 147x their original traffic. Our reports help you find where your website requires immediate action, or long-term changes to recover its health, and reduce spam. After our SEO report has been created, we will offer you a free 15 minute meeting for a marketing proposal, which is optional.

What people say about our SEO services

Excellent SEO services. Has helped me get my site to page 1 on Google for several key services. Couldn't have asked for better results.
CEO of HiveSourced
A true SEO expert (to say the least). He exceeded my expectations with his unique approach and hard work. Would to love to work with him again.
Social Media Manager
Outstanding SEO Services were provided. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. Highly recommended and would seek their services again.
Video Creator/Entertainer

Common SEO Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is a process of optimizing websites to meet best pratices. By implementing positive changes on websites, they receive chances of appearing on the first pages in the search results.

It requires strong knowledge on optimizing websites, and helping search engines deliver appropriate content for its audience.

SEO is a practice, which requires making changes to your online presence, by helping search engines to scan and understand the purpose of your content. 

Through adding quality content, and mixing a variety of off-page factors, websites are deemed to attract more traffic at no additional cost, unlike PPC (pay per click) advertising.

Our estimates are always different and depend on many factors, such as website age, number of keywords, targeted locations, competition in the field, and others. The easiest way to create an estimate would be after analyzing your website, competition, and creating your very own check-list for ranking.

Depending on your budget, and requirements, we create our estimates, and discuss cost of a plan or one-time service.

SEO and PPC are two different investments, used to raise brand awareness and help positioning your website in the search results pages.

While SEO and PPC are both used for advertising and conversional purposes, they are both very different. If you stop paying for SEO, your website will continue to gain results and will not disappear from the search. However, not paying for ads causes your website to drop from the ad spots.

Depending on your business and overall difficulty, we will be able to create a plan for establishing your business, and attracting more visitors. However, Google and other search engines receive frequent algorithm updates, which may drop rankings, and affect your business in a negative way. 

Nonetheless, we apply only SEO friendly techniques so there is nothing to worry about. Spikes in traffic and keyword drops are normal occurrences, and we threat them with top priority.

There is no guarantee of time taken to achieve desired rankings through local SEO. Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm and hence achieving results is a challenge, especially if your category includes competitive local search terms, which have a high search volume.

However, in our experience, while working with brands, we have seen them achieve rankings for long tail keywords within 3 months and for competitive keywords – within 6 months.

Organic and local SEO are very similar, but used for 2 separate things. Organic SEO is used for websites that are international, and do not target local areas.

Local SEO is for businesses that would like to offer services and goods locally to their target audiences. Aside from these 2 things, Organic SEO and Local SEO grant results, keyword rankings, and receive positive/negative signals, depending on the strategies.

Depending on the business there are cases, when both Organic and Local SEO could prove beneficial, but both of them have their pros and cons when using both on the same website.

Yes, you can do SEO on your own, however, it requires constant learning and careful consideration of not spamming content, which can harm a website.

While learning and implementing SEO is time-consuming, the rewards can be astonishing.

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