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Leave problematic WordPress updates, downtime, errors, and malware by subscribing to our WordPress website maintenance services. We take proper care of your website and keep it active 24/7.

WordPress Maintenance Services by SERPJar

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SERPJar is a registered SEO company on Google Business Profile with multiple positive reviews. As stated on Google, we operate in more than 25 different areas inside Georgia and are expanding further.

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With multiple positive reviews, SERPJar is now active on TrustPilot to help clients find our services faster. Aside from working with clients in Georgia, we also take global clients and onboard the.

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SERPJar is an award-winning business based on our Clutch reviews and positive user experience towards our CRO, SEO, Local SEO, and Ad management services.

What is WordPress Maintenance

WordPres maintenance is a series of tasks created to ensure the safety of your website, and create a bug-free platform for safer browsing. It consists of securing websites, and preventing brute-force attacks,  exploits in plugins, website backups, and much more.

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WordPress Maintenance Service Plans

Let us take the heavy lifting from your hands, and help you enjoy what you love most. We offer competitive uptime monitoring, and maintenance plans for new and established businesses.

Protect Lite

For small businesses and start-ups.
$ 39
Billed every month
  • 3 back-ups/week
  • Bi-Weekly WP Updates
  • Bi-Weekly Monitoring

Protect Lite

For small businesses and start-ups.
$ 69
Billed every month
  • 7 back-ups/week
  • Weekly WP Updates
  • Weekly Monitoring


For small businesses and start-ups.
$ 119
Billed every month
  • 2 back-ups/day
  • Priority Protection & Updates
  • Daily Monitoring

What's included in our WordPress Website Maintenance Services

WordPress Security

We handle all the plugin updates, and maintain your website secured from malware, or unwanted scripts. These small tasks, include changing your basic /wp-admin to a more secure URL, and protect your website from outside requests.

On-site Backups

Create daily backups, based on your needs, and handle all of your backups from a local disk. We keep all backups protected from hackers, or outside connections, on local machines. Whenever you need a backup implemented, we can help you, as we keep backups for straight 30 days before deleting.

WordPress Upgrades

WordPress requires upgrades from time to time to ensure stability, bring new blocks, functions, or even make changes to their core systems. However, some plugins are not compatible with upgrades, and may result in broken sites. We make sure that no issue will happen during version upgrades.

Themes/Plugins updates

From time to time plugins and themes require upgrades, but may result in broken designs or even unfunctional code. To ensure compatibility between versions, we take our time to test them on a dev website, before publishing.

Delete inactive Plugins

In most cases your plugins or themes may get replaced with better ones, which results in leaving them inactive, but not deleting them. Our maintenance services aim to find these assets, and delete them to save server space, and prevent high resource usage.

Uptime Monitoring

Many hosting providers offer excellent uptime for your website, which is 99,99. However, most of the time this uptime is a lot less, and could be bad for your website. To help you manage the uptime of your website, we monitor your uptime, and try to keep your website alive.

Why your business needs WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Why your business needs WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Forget about getting your WordPress website infected with Japanese/Chinese link insertion hacks. We protect you from all kinds of hacks, backdoors, malware files, etc. And if we fail, there is nothing to worry about. We keep multiple backups, and can always rollback. Your newly posted content can always be extracted, and reposted by us.

WordPress website speed is a very important factor, that contributes to the new Google core algorithm. In fact, the CWV became a direct ranking factor. If you find your website slow, we can always improve it with a customer discount.

We handle your website 24/7. This includes safe backups without malware files, uptime monitoring, speed monitoring, and health monitoring. Our team will make sure your website functions like an oiled machine.

Get a free website seo audit

Get a free website audit

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Measure your website’s health with our free SEO audit reports. Most websites who ask for a free audit have been reported to gain 147x their original traffic. Our reports help you find where your website requires immediate action, or long-term changes to recover its health, and reduce spam. After our SEO report has been created, we will offer you a free 15 minute meeting for a marketing proposal, which is optional.

What people say about our WordPress maintenance services

Excellent SEO services. Has helped me get my site to page 1 on Google for several key services. Couldn't have asked for better results.
CEO of HiveSourced
A true SEO expert (to say the least). He exceeded my expectations with his unique approach and hard work. Would to love to work with him again.
Social Media Manager
Outstanding SEO Services were provided. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. Highly recommended and would seek their services again.
Video Creator/Entertainer

Common WordPress Maintenance Questions

We support multi-site WordPress installations, however, the pricing will be per website only.

While all websites fall under one simple dashboard, each website is unique, and requires a different approach.

If any WordPress core, Theme, or Plugin updates cause your website to break, we can always perform a backup. While your hosting provider keeps updates on a frequent basis, we also have daily updates, based on your requirements. 

As for the faulty plugin, theme, or core update – we wait for a stable release, which will prevent your website from crashing, and implement it.

Our WordPress maintenance agency can always assist you if your website gets hacked. While we keep your website secured, some plugins get exposed to malicious entries, and could result in your website being hacked. If that ever happens, we offer affordable solutions to clean the malware, and keep your website safe. Nonetheless, if your website gets attacked after our cleanup has finished, we provide free cleanups, until the issue has been fixed.

SERPJar and its team operate 24/7, meaning that your website will be secure, or your issue will be directly noted. By leaving a message with the issue you have been struggling with, one of our support staff will start working on it directly.

If you have multiple clients or websites, we can take a bulk order, and give you a fair pricing per website.  The amount depends on how many websites you would like us to handle, and what requirements you have.

However, in our experience, while working with brands, we have seen them achieve rankings for long tail keywords within 3 months and for competitive keywords – within 6 months.

We can take any kind of website, however, it needs to be legal, and not be dealing with forbidden by law service or products. Besides that, we take even larger websites.

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