The 8 Fastest WordPress Page Builders for 2023

Designing WordPress websites is one of the most fun tasks when starting your own business. There are hundreds of page builders and themes available for WordPress.

However, a fast one can save a ton of work in the future and will give a head start in the SEO game.

To be ahead of the game a fast WordPress page builder with good design options can save a lot of time in future optimizations, and make things easier for non-techie people.

What are WordPress page builders

When it comes to WordPress, there is no coding needed to create stunning designs or maintain your website.

WordPress page builders are special plugins, which eliminate the coding part and let you easily customize, edit, and create beautiful templates with no knowledge, just drag and drop involved.

Page builders are coded by developers, and offered free or with special plans, which include support, and a ton of features. However, even page builders have some risks involved when using them.

If a person is not careful with choosing a good page builder, a website may become slow, and require optimization.

To eliminate the factor of slow page loading times, we have included our top 10 picks of the fastest WordPress page builders.

Fastest WordPress Page Builders


The gutenberg WordPress Editor Fastest WordPress Page Builders

Gutenberg is the cleanest page builder and has the fastest performance amongst most of its competitors. It’s an in-built page builder, which is directly injected into WordPress.

It requires no downloads, or any technical knowledge to be used.

With Gutenberg, you can create stunning designs and edit everything without involving any third-party plugins.

Gutenberg has been created and maintained by the WordPress theme, due to the desire of the community to have a more powerful page builder, than its predecessor “the classic editor”.

While some people find Gutenberg hard to understand, there are hundreds of videos on the web or articles, which can help you master the original WordPress page builder.

If you are looking for some templates, the OceanWP team has created a wide selection of Gutenberg templates, which are easy to customize, and maintain.

Zion Builder

Zion WordPress Editor Fastest WordPress Page Builders

Zion is known as one of the fastest WordPress page builders that comes with weekly updates and huge improvements when it comes to designing and saving resources.

The team behind Zion has created a very nice and fast page builder with only lightweight code, which can be felt both on the front and back end of your WordPress website.

However, when you compare Zion to Elementor, there are some sections, which can be a bit tough to understand at first, because it is not one of the most beginner-friendly page builders.

It takes some time and tutorials, or for the advanced crowd, the documentation could also come in handy.

Zion Builder comes with more than 250 blocks, a WooCommerce builder, and even a special white-label option, which can be used when designing client websites.

The pricing of Zion is fairly cheap compared to competitor page builders, as it starts at only $39 a year, or can be bought for $249 for a lifetime with unlimited websites and options.


LiveCanvas WordPress editor Fastest WordPress PageBuilder

LiveCanvas is by far the fastest WordPress page builder, which has the most lightweight code and is perfect for business websites.

When it comes to design features and dynamic content, it may not be the greatest choice for most people, as LiveCanvas doesn’t use effects like its competitors.

For example, the effects in LiveCanvas are mostly simple CSS ones, which makes it a great choice if you want a clean website.

When using the page builder you will notice that each section and element added to it is purely HTML and CSS, making your website lightweight, and loading fast.

If you have designed your website and wish not to use LiveCanvas anymore, you can simply turn it off, which means you will not be losing your designs, and everything will be saved as it was.

However, the downside of LiveCanvas is that it requires HTML and CSS knowledge, so you can align elements and adjust everything to your liking.

For most people, this may seem frustrating and not a perfect choice, but once you get used to it, everything seems a lot easier.

It has an in-built HTML and CSS editor, along with a special tab for creating blocks. This means that anybody can create blocks from the editor, and even use external codes, by just copy-pasting.

As for the plans. LiveCanvas has cheap and fair plans for all of its customers, depending on their needs.

Oxygen Builder

Oxygen WordPress Builder Fastest WordPress Page Builders

Oxygen is the heaven page builder for every WordPress developer who wishes to achieve great results and faster page loading times.

It’s one of the fastest-to-learn page builders for those who have basic HTML and CSS skills. With Oxygen, you can easily track what kind of elements are added to a single div, and choose their dimensions without the need to code anything.

It comes pre-built with hundreds of blocks and easy-to-use effects, and mainly it is optimized out of the box.

However, for beginners, it may seem a bit hard to master the Oxygen builder, as it looks a bit more complicated than competitors like Elementor or Divi.

While it’s a page builder recommended for developers, non-techies can also try it out if they have a knack or wish to learn to code.

While it may seem like a simple page builder, Oxygen is built to achieve great projects for not only bloggers but professional companies.

The best part of Oxygen is that you can name each div, and know what elements are included.

If we had to choose a downside for this page builder, it would be the lack of support for non-techie people, because they will need a long time to learn how to use Oxygen. But once mastered it can become a powerful tool for design.

For those who are worried about what theme should they use with Oxygen, a blank WordPress theme could come in handy, because Oxygen overwrites themes.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Editor Fastest WordPress Page Builders

Beaver Builder is one of the plugins that comes with 2 different versions. If you are using the free version of the plugin, you are receiving 6 different modules for making your very own website.

If you wish to use the paid version, you will be able to apply different integrations such as contact forms, payment forms, and much more.

Beaver Builder may not be as fast as Zion or LiveCanvas, but it comes pre-optimized, and the learning curve is fairly simple.

The free version of Beaver could be a wonderful start to making a decision if the plugin is a perfect choice. You can simply download the plugin and check all the elements, and their alignment.

With a simple click, you can change the styling of forms, set fields, and even create multiple fields for your theme.

Beaver Builder also comes with 30 different page templates, which can be applied to your current theme, and styled with no limitations.

If you found Beaver Builder as a nice and simple plugin for building web pages, you can also purchase the ultimate addons for beaver builder, which comes with more modules, and templates and can be used on unlimited websites.

As for the Beaver Builder plugin, you can purchase any of the versions as they are meant for unlimited websites, but only the large plan supports multi-site installations.

Optimizeable WordPress Page Builders

Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi WordPress Editor Fastest WordPress Page Builders

Divi is by far the easiest-to-learn page builder packed with many features and great elements for creating stunning designs.

Every beginner can master Divi in a day or two but will need to be reasonable with the design implementation.

While Divi can be a great option with drag-and-drop modules, it also comes unoptimized and will require some hard work for increasing the speed of the website.

When choosing a plan, a great recommendation would be the lifetime plan, as it comes with 4 different plugins, and the original Divi theme, which includes its special visual editor.

Along with the many great features, and options for making websites, Divi also comes with more than 100 different templates for every site niche.

These templates can be used for a homepage, blog page, and even single-post page. There is no limitation when you use the Divi page builder.

It is also known to be faster than Elementor, and a close competitor in features to Oxygen, and Astra.

Divi can also be used by developers, as it comes with a pre-built visual code editor, used for styling elements, or creating advanced forms.

Each of the forms can be saved as a block and later be re-used on further designs, without taking too much space.

A great time to purchase the Divi lifetime plan would be on cyber Mondays, and black Fridays, as each deal comes with extra features, or you can buy more products by paying the regular price for Divi itself.


SeedProd WordPress Editor Fastest WordPress Page Builders

SeedProd is a Divi-like page builder, packed with great features, and very easy to use. It comes out of the box optimized but will require a bit more tweaking in order to get to the sweet spot for the Core Web Vitals.

However, in terms of beginner-friendly page builder plugins, SeedProd is a must for each newbie. Building landing pages, and creating awesome designs has never been easier, without SeedProd.

Using their cheapest plan, which is around $40 per year will give you more than what you actually need to start making templates, and selling them on the market.

You can also use premade templates, which have been nicely categorized by SeedProd, for a better user experience with the page builder.

The best part of SeedProd is the beginner-friendly design and tutorials on the web, on how the page builder can be used for building better websites.

The smallest plan gives you 50 PRO templates, 30 blocks, and unlimited integrations with the most popular WordPress plugins.

You can easily add contact form plugins, or even add payment forms on your pre-built landing pages, and require only a connection with a payment method.

For beginners who wish to try the SeedProd page builder, the smallest plan for 1 website can do a great job and is priced decent.

Upgrading the plan in the future can bring more licenses and includes a lot of features, which can extend the functionality of your website.


Themify WordPress Editor Fastest WordPress Page Builders

Themify is another great page builder for WordPress, which is great both for beginners and advanced users. It’s one of the easiest to optimize page builders, which is not very bloated.

The smallest plan comes with 12 different addons such as countdowns, progress bars, pro images addons, and much more.

Designing with Themify is also easy, as all the needed blocks have been implemented, and do not require upgrading your plan, except if you are a web designer, looking for design inspirations.

For those who like the higher plans of Themify, upgrading includes PhotoShop files of themes, which can be edited for free.

One thing to note is that Themify does not include their page-building plugin with their Standard and Developer plans. Only the master plan will give the page builder plugin, but it is not very useful, except if a blank theme is needed.

Themify’s theme has its page builder included in the theme, which makes building websites easier than ever. The theme framework itself is not heavy, and will not slow your website, but the exact opposite.

As a personal recommendation for the people who have seen Themify, and like how the theme works, the Master Club is the best one for the price, as it includes 42 website licenses, that can be used in the future.


Using a fast page builder for WordPress can help you to attract more visitors, as faster websites produce a great user experience.

However, a page builder is not the only thing that needs to be done for great speed.

Choosing a LiteSpeed web hosting provider, and optimizing your website’s images can significantly improve any kind of issue that can appear in the future when building websites.

It’s also a great way to build habits of optimizing before delivering the website to visitors or clients.