10 Best Schema Markup Generators for Adding Structured Data

Do you want to add Schema Markup to your website’s pages, and help search engine bots discover your content? Not only schema can help you increase your crawling budget, but can also improve your results, and show them for rich snippets.

If your website is created with WordPress, you can easily use Schema Markup plugins. However, for hard-coded websites, you can use our top picks for schema markup generators.

From the top competitors, we found that Merkle, Rank Ranger, and Google Structured data are the most helpful Schema Markup generators, which offer the most categories.

Best Schema Markup Generators

Merkle by Technical SEO

Merkle is a free schema markup generator tool, that provides you with plenty of business schemas. You can easily choose the schema type, and start filling in information about the article, business type, or event. Nonetheless, Merkle’s schema tool lets you generate multiple schemas and combine them, depending on the pages you are looking to create.

Once your schema has been created, you can also use a validator and improve your markup.

Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is another great free generator, which is perfect for basic needs. Rank Ranger’s variety of schemas is not too great but offers some uncommon schemas, such as Covid-19 schema, and special announcements markup, which can help enrich your pages.

Just like Merkle’s schema generator, Rank Ranger also offers you a validator for schema, but redirects you to Google’s tool for validations. If you require a more complex generator, these 2 options may not be best.

Google Structured Data

The Google Structured Data generator is a perfect solution for webmasters to create data markup, and enrich their content. It consists of the most used, and helpful schema markups. On top of that, it recommends schema that always gets crawled by search engine bots and often gets shown with rich snippets on the web.

Once you have generated your required schema markup code, you can always use the Google Validator tool to see if any errors occur. In rare instances, errors show up but are easily fixed through Google’s recommendations.


Webcode schema generator is a powerful tool for generating JSON-LD structured data. Leveraging the standards set by Schema.org Webcide creates structured data markup that Google’s search engine understands.

It’s an easy-to-use generator that allows every business to obtain the benefits of rich results and enhanced online visibility without needing in-depth schema markup knowledge. 

One of the best settings in Webcode is the ability to add Local Business schema and choose amongst the many types to enhance your business’ rich snippets.


Attrock is the perfect schema generator for local and global businesses, as it contains all the markup needed to enrich your website’s schema. It contains Person, Organization, Reviews, and FAQ markups, which can help search engine bots easily understand your content.

If you offer products or services, you can use the product markup, which gives you variations to improve your product’s rich results, and include the needed values such as ratings, currencies, sale prices, and much more.

If the JSON-LD format is not to your liking, you can always use the RDFa format.


Inlinks is a paid schema markup tool, which provides users with more than the basic schema types. It goes much further and expands to enrich basic results with advanced ones. Users can enjoy more options, and multiple schema combinations, which often get displayed varieties in the organic search results pages.

If you want to enrich your business, you can always sign up for a free account, and enjoy the Inlinks markup and validator tool, to create professional schemas for your business.


Schemantra is another great freemium schema generator, which offers more than 1400 schema types for business owners. Using Schemantra enables you to accurately describe entities, and build relationships. On top of that, their schema markup tool comes with helpful courses to teach you everything about the markup and rich results.


Searchbloom is a more basic markup tool, which allows users to create multiple variations of schema markup code, and implement it on their websites. The tool is very helpful for businesses, and stores, as it provides more in-depth information to enrich your business listings.

Schema Dev

Schema Dev is an addon for generating schema markup while on a product, service, or any other page on your website. It is a very beginner-friendly tool, that doesn’t require manual work and generates your markup based on the page’s results.

Simplified Search

Simplified Search offers a different variation of schema markups, which can be used by event organizers, cooking websites, recipe sites, and even jobs. It offers the needed information for bots to quickly access and index content, based on the user’s requirements. However, Simplified Search requires more manual work, and careful editing to ensure that your schema will be validated.