10 Best Local SEO Tools To Improve Local Search Visibility

Have you ever wanted to execute better strategies for your local business? With our top suggestions for local SEO Tools, improving and managing your business can become easier.

Local SEO software can improve analytical skills and decision-making by providing various valuable insights, helping to better target the ideal audience.

Best local SEO tools for improving results


Localo is a free Google Business Profile tool, which lets you analyze the current ranking and competition inside your local area. 

It’s a perfect start for local business owners, who wish to estimate the difficulty level of ranking in the local SERP. Localo also provides valuable tools such as post management, to help you draft, and schedule posts for your Google Business Profile at any chosen time.

One of their most valuable tools offered is the company protection tool, which protects you from dishonest actions from competitors. 

In case your GBP gets attacked by spam, Localo ensures this spam is cleared and can help you launch legal action against clearing your reputation in the local SERP.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool provided by Google Ads is a free way to understand the trend and value of any given local keyword. 

Using Keyword Planner for analyzing keywords is the most cost-efficient tactic, which gives you real-world data, and statistics of how much a keyword would cost if used in advertisements.

It’s also a free valuable tool that can help you filter out results, and choose between top searched and cheapest results in your area.

After all, the highest-priced results are bound to have more competitors, with high budgets. However, the Keyword Planner can help filter these results and focus on the easier terms, until your local business gets more popular.


Managing customer reviews can be hard, especially, if your team is small and overwhelmed with work. Yet, Yext is the perfect solution for local or international businesses, that want to easily track and respond to user reviews.

With its powerful integrations and tracking technology, Yext lets you find all brand mentions, and reply to user reviews from a single dashboard. 

Its review monitoring tool allows you to assign team members to improve the tracking and visibility of your business, helping to execute digital PR campaigns easier.

On top of their visibility tracking tool, Yext also offers a listing tool, that helps you manage more than 200 listings across the world. By utilizing authoritative websites, you can easily build more brand authority, and show customers your professional business handling skills.

The tool also lets you draft, publish, or schedule postings on a variety of sites like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, for improved publishing results.


SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tools provider, which has deep coverage for both local and global businesses. 

It’s the most powerful and cost-affordable tool, which provides business owners with tools such as local rank tracking, and listing overview analysis.

From keyword tracking to listings management, SEMrush can help you get the best results with minimum tasks. 

Their local keyword research tool can help you easily identify the intent of each keyword, its difficulty, and how much it would cost to show ads for it.

Along with their simplified keyword tool, SEMrush also offers a listing management tool, created with the help of Yext for easier brand management. Similar to Yext’s tool, their listing manager helps you identify your business visibility amongst all potential directories for your local area.

To get the best results, you will need to input your business information, and the tool will automatically detect all relevant directories, where you exist, have listing issues, or need to register.

If you are not sure if SEMrush is the perfect pick, you can also check SEMrush competitors in terms of local SEO.


RoboForm is a tool designed for large teams, that are required to manage multiple accounts at once. It’s the perfect tool for both local and global businesses, working with unlimited social media accounts, websites, email planners, and others.

Coming at a very cheap starting price of $39,95 per year, you can easily protect and save every account under one simple dashboard.

On top of that, RoboForm provides an easy-to-use authenticator, which protects your business and its associated accounts from being stolen.

It’s also known as a leader for small business account management, by helping teams share accounts without delivering passwords.


WhiteSpark is a cheaper local SEO tool for businesses, that search for reliable ways to manage the business reputation, and track reviews, citations, or even visibility inside a singular dashboard.

It offers a free plan, where business owners can register and receive powerful tracking results, helping them optimize their business across multiple local areas.

Nonetheless, their free GBP management tool can help with publishing new information or managing your profile without having to leave the website.

It’s also a powerful way to build a reputation by reviewing both Google and Bing competitors, giving you an upper hand in executing a better local SEO strategy.


GeoRanker is the perfect local SEO tool, that can help you find and create local citations, or track your local search rankings.

It consists of multiple small tools, with a single target, and easy execution processes. Their local citation finder can help you find relevant directories, to submit your business, and track the success of your newly created citations.

Another great set of tools is the GeoRanker local rank checker, where multiple local keywords can be obtained, and used for creating local SEO content. 

Their rank tracker also helps with analyzing the movement for each keyword, and distinguishing which keywords are going up or down in trend. 

For copywriting expenses, GeoRanker has the perfect keyword density tool, that helps measure how many times certain keywords have been used. Their meter is designed to be NLP-friendly and provide you with insights into how well a post has been crafted, to meet the user criteria.


Surfer is the perfect local SEO tool for content creation and analysis, that can help you rank articles in the local SERP with ease.

By following powerful suggestions from their guidelines section, you are bound to create optimized articles, ready to rank.

The Surfer SEO plugin is perfect for analyzing competitor articles and writing informative pieces of content, by creating a proper content structure, wordy headlines, and following recommended word counts.

In terms of following their content score rater, Surfer has been providing astonishing results, even by not filling the scale up to 100 points.

The way their content writing tool works is by collecting top-ranking content and analyzing the most helpful sections, that users search for.

On top of that, Surfer offers a content planning tool, which can help you structure and create content, with ease.

And for those who are not copywriters or don’t have the budget, Surfer has created a content generation tool, which can help build articles without having expertise in writing.


For local businesses, social media presence is one of the most important factors. Leaving the on-page local SEO, and optimization for the Google Local Pack, you are left with Ads and Social Media sites.

Hootsuite is a perfect environment for agencies and local businesses, who want to manage multiple clients and accounts from a single platform. 

Eliminating the need to use cross-platforms, or manage multiple accounts, Hootsuite lets you execute strategies on a whim.

Their set includes a wide variety of social media tools, which help optimize social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and much more. 

This includes scheduling and sharing videos, interacting with your audience, and measuring the impact of your efforts in simple, fast-tracking reports.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is the perfect freemium tool for auditing local SEO efforts and strategies on any given business. 

It helps distinguish on-site errors, such as missing headings, broken links, duplicate text, redirects, and other technical issues, which can help you prevent issues that can directly impact your local search performance.

The free version of Screaming Frog helps with crawling and identifying issues for websites with no more than 500 pages.

However, upgrading Screaming Frog to premium, gives various integrations, segments, Google Looker Studio Crawl reports, and much more.