Semrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz vs Ubersuggest for Local SEO

Are you in search of a good marketing tool for local SEO?

You have probably searched the internet and found Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and Ubersuggest to be highly suggested for growing your local business.

While these tools are similar and all can achieve your goal, there are certain pros and cons between each of them.

That’s why we are going to analyze if Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, or Ubersuggest is the perfect tool for your local SEO strategies.

Why use tools for Local SEO?

SEO tools are a very important part of implementing powerful marketing strategies for both global and local businesses. 

They provide agencies or even solopreneurs with marketing data, which helps to increase website traffic and provide a better user experience.

Here are a few more things you can do with Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and Ubersggest.

Track local keywords

Tracking your local keyword positions is one of the most important features, offered by SEO tools. 

They not only let you review where your website is positioned in the local SERP but also show results for both mobile and desktop searches.

Keyword tracking can also be set for different periods, meaning you can track position changes on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

Audit your website

Website audits play a crucial role in every marketing strategy. They help developers and SEO experts find errors such as broken links, duplicate content, incorrect schema markup, and much more.

Website audits can also be scheduled and tracked on a weekly or monthly basis. In case, you want to make instant audits, most tools will allow you to directly audit and reveal if any changes have occurred on your website.

Create SEO-friendly templates

It is no secret that most SEO tools should offer templates, making our work easier. Most tools have begun adding a variety of templates that capture your traffic sources, links acquired, and even your website’s health score.

For example, Semrush’s templates can give you valuable insights and can be white-labeled, making your business look more professional.

Find keyword ideas

Keyword research is one of the most crucial aspects of every marketing strategy. It consists of handpicking the correct keywords, which have a good traffic volume, and relatively good difficulty.

Since Google’s PageRank tool went down, most SEO tools show difficulty, which is calculated on different scales. They help us analyze how difficult each keyword would be in terms of ranking our business amongst competitors.

Track backlinks

Link tracking is an essential part of performing off-page SEO strategies, and includes investigating what websites link to yours. 

Nowadays, all SEO tools have this small addon available even in the smallest plans, to help you analyze your link profile, or your competitor’s.

Spy on competitors

Spying on competitors has always been an effective way to find what’s working for them. It helps reverse-engineer SEO strategies and launch better marketing campaigns in terms of getting better results.

The 4 mentioned tools we are reviewing also let us spy on competitors, and give us valuable insights to conduct a better strategy of overtaking them in the local SERP.

Semrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz vs Ubersuggest Comparison


Semrush is one of the oldest marketing tools available to digital marketers. It started way back in 2008 under the name of SEO Digger but rebranded its name later on.

They offer a huge toolset under 3 different plans, each packed with more features than the other.

And some of the Semrush top tools are:

  • SEO toolset – Helps you find everything you need in terms of ranking in the global or local SERP. Includes keyword research tools, backlink analyzing tools, and site health audit tools to bring more traffic to your website.
  • Competitor analysis – Gives you valuable insights into the competitor strategies, and what results they are receiving per campaign. This set of tools includes keywords, links, and other analyzing tools, that can help reverse-engineer competitor websites.
  • Social Media Management – Gives actionable tips and suggestions, that help receive valuable information on how to launch better social media campaigns for raising traffic and brand awareness.
  • Paid advertising – Helps identify high-traffic volume actionable keywords, for launching advertisements across Google, Bing, and Social Media websites.
  • PR Monitoring – Track competitors and receive actionable tips to build up a social media marketing presence.
  • Market Analysis – Analyze the top competitors and your chances of dominating the SERp in a currently new market.

Ease of use:

For new users, Semrush may not be the perfect solution, as it’s filled with more than 30 tools, and more reporting features, which can help craft powerful strategies.

However, they have an easy built-in dashboard to find every tool you may be looking for and easily select it amongst others.

Each of the sections has its own category, helping you to distinguish one from another.

Their auditing and template sections are some of their most popular features, helping you to craft powerful audit reports without having design skills.

Pricing for Semrush:

Currently, Semrush has 3 plans and the lowest one starts from $129,95 per month, excluding VAT for European countries.

Their lowest plan gives you the most important features you may need as a small business owner. Going for their higher plans can give you the upper hand in the competitive market.


Ahrefs is by far the easiest-to-understand and use SEO tool, which has the highest resource base for learning everything about digital marketing.

It started way back in 2010 as a site explorer tool and is now the most popular option for business owners.

While Ahrefs is with lesser tools or features than Semrush, they still have a free plan that gives you a ton of options, and a decision if you want to adopt it as your main SEO tool.

Ahrefs features:

Site Audit – Helps you audit any website you possess and receive a small report on the website’s health score, backlink profile, traffic score, and keywords ranked in multiple countries.

Keyword Explorer – Simple, yet powerful keyword research tool, which lets you filter results and find powerful keywords to use for future content on your website.

Content Explorer – Helps you find the most popular content ranking for any given set of keywords, in terms of ranking for multiple keywords.

Rank Tracker – This lets you track multiple keywords for various locations across the earth, with a set refresh rate.

Clusters – Helps you group big chunks of keywords into smaller groups, which can be used for crafting better content.

Best links filter – Automatic filter, that allows you to select the best backlinks, relevant for your website and with no risk involved.

Ahrefs ease of use:

Out of the box, Ahrefs is the easiest tool to use in your daily research and report habits. They offer a very simple dashboard, packed with all the features you need to power up your business.

In case you feel overwhelmed, Ahrefs has dedicated tutorials on how their tools work, and how you can use them to craft your next strategy.

Ahrefs pricing:

Ahrefs has 4 different plans, from which the lowest one is priced at $99 and includes all the important features for both small and mid businesses. 

In terms of pricing, you can find that Ahrefs offers the cheapest plans, and get you the best offer.

However, you can still sign up for a free Ahrefs account and receive a few features, to help you get familiar with how their SEO toolset works.


Moz is the oldest contender amongst others, with a launch date of 2004. It’s a powerful and up-to-date SEO tool, which offers professional plans for both startups and agencies.

Although Moz has one of the oldest designs, they are still a large database, feeding itself with information from other sites.

Moz features:

  • Keyword research tool – Lets you find powerful keywords for crafting better content, with Moz’s precise analysis and metrics
  • Site Audit – Analyses internal and external factors, combined into a small and actionable list of improvement tips.
  • SEO Tool – Helps you to find everything you need to launch a better digital marketing strategy 
  • Backlink Research – This helps you find new links pointing to your website or competitor backlinks from link-building campaigns.
  • Reports – Generates reports for any special task, including internal or external factors, which may be related to your website

Ease of use:

Similar to other SEO tools Moz also has a fairly easy-to-understand dashboard, even though a bit outdated in design.

However, they have everything aligned and can help you find any tool for your marketing campaign.

Moz pricing:

Most SEO tool consists of 4 different plans, with the lowest price of $99, or lower when paying yearly.

Similar to Ahrefs they also offer a free plan, or even a free pro trial, which lasts 28 days.

Amongst the other local SEO tools, Moz gives you the highest trial period, which is more than enough to explore all the features you may need.


Ubersuggest, which is now part of is the perfect SEO tool for people who love lifetime deals (LTDs).

It was founded more than 20 years ago and started as a regular site tool. Nowadays, it’s the largest tool, which offers popular SEO suggestions and is combined with Answer The Public.

Uberssugest features:

  • Answer The Public – Helps you create keyword clusters and create powerful content.
  • Keyword Research – Finds all the relevant to the topic you want to write keywords for a fraction of the time and cost.
  • Site Audit – Outlines all SEO sectors, including your backlink profile, traffic, and other relevant information with a site health meter, and optimization tips.
  • Traffic Estimation – This helps you find the estimated traffic a website is receiving through organic search.
  • Backlink Analysis – Gives you information on what backlinks your website or a competitor’s site has.
  • Labs – Useful for creating A/B testing and experimenting with SEO campaigns for better productivity.
  • SEO Opportunities – Outlines all the bad sectors on your website for improved SEO performance and better results.
  • Free consulting – Provides you with monthly questions, which are going to be answered on Neil’s webinars and podcasts.
  • AI Writer – Helps you create content twice as fast as most premium tools. Their tool is trained to write content as a digital marketer.

Ease of use:

Ubersuggest is the easiest tool to use and is fairly easy to understand for beginners, who have never had a grasp on SEO.

Compared to other plugins such as Semrush or Moz, Ubersuggest really gets to the point where you can find any tool and start executing your campaigns.

While Ubersuggest is not too heavy like its competitors, it can still give you the value you need, without being overwhelmed.

Ubersuggest Pricing:

Ubersuggest has 3 different plans and starts at $20 per month, or can be bought for a lifetime for only $120 as a starting price. Even if you want to purchase a higher plan, the prices go up to $400 for life, which is a fraction of what any other SEO tool would cost per year.

And if you are not ready to sign up for a plan on Ubersuggest, you can always choose to register as a free user and enjoy all features, but with limits.

Semrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz vs Ubersuggest – Which is better for Local SEO?

In terms of ease of use, pricing, and features included, Ahrefs seems to be the perfect fit for any website owner. Even if you are starting as an SEO intern in a company, or want to start a business, Ahrefs is always a good fit to launch your first campaign.

Amongst other SEO tools, Ubersuggest was also loved by many since it has a free plan, and cheaply based lifetime deals, with enough features to launch a good business.

On third place ranked Semrush, which is by far the most tool-heavy source for an SEO tool, but has the essentials for every digital marketing expert.

The only reason Semrush did not rank well was due to their new pricing. For most add-ons, users have to pay an extra fee, which makes the tool almost unusable if you are a startup agency.

Even though Moz is an old player, newer SEOs don’t intend to purchase their plans, due to being too bad in terms of user experience.